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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Houseboats in Alleppey {}

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller
Sailing on a blue carpet, wrapped in a cloak of green setting... If this isn’t bliss, then what
is! Welcome to Boats & Rides, a houseboat service that takes you on a cruise through
the temptingly serene backwaters of Kerala. Leave the chaos behind, embrace nature in
its purest form as we offer you a comfortable, luxurious journey through waterways of
God’s Own Country. It is the best way to discover and experience Kerala!
As you sit back and enjoy the peace, calm and beauty of the Alapuzha-Kumarakom
backwaters, we will pamper you with the best service. Get comfortable in spacious, clean
rooms, enjoy delicious local cuisine, especially sumptuous seafood and get a peek into
the life and beauty by the waters. Be it a cool, rainy day or a bright sunny morning, the
beauty of a boat cruise will excite you just as much.
We, at Boats & Rides, strive to add ‘magic’ to your travelling experience by offering you
the best in comfort, luxury and experience. Our boats are designed to suit all your needs,
and come with a spacious lounge—opening to the clear blue expanse around and above
you—comfortable air-conditioned bedrooms, clean bathrooms and a neat kitchenette.
Every person is different; every person’s interests are different. We understand this,
and ensure our staff understand your needs and requirements perfectly and serve you
Want a daylong trip or an overnight stay, we offer it all. Step into the houseboat, relax,
soak in the sights, enjoy the experience, and allow us to serve you well. Our staff will
treat you to delicious local food—natural refreshers, traditional lunch spread with prawns
and other seafood, etc. Cool off the afternoon with a nap in the comfortable room and
wake up to the aroma of hot snacks, again a flavor of local delights.
As nature turns a shade darker, it adds to its beauty. Watching the sun set into the waters
can be a sight that you’ll hold in your memory (or album) for years! Allow us to gift you
an experience like none other. Come, on board the Boats & Rides.

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